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2008 saw the formation of the Macmillan Education Group, a unified management structure for all the Macmillan educational businesses under the leadership of the Chief Executive, Julian Drinkall. As the company faces the challenges to global education, this move was a strategic decision to bring together centres of excellence and focus on innovation in the publishing areas of curriculum, Spanish curriculum, ELT and digital developments.

The operating divisions that form the Macmillan Education Group today are the following:

Macmillan Production Asia provides book production, printing solutions and non-book products for the Macmillan group and third-party businesses worldwide. The impressive local publishing highlights Macmillan\’s strength in producing bespoke materials for specific market sectors, such as the diverse and important programme in China. Macmillan Language House in Japan is a strong publisher of ELT materials in Japan specifically, and there is an active publishing programme for schools in Hong Kong.

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